Thursday, January 13, 2011

A HUGE thank you goes out to Sikkens in Holland, and to the friends I have there who helped to make this transformation of Bethany House possible. The house was officially opened 5 years ago, unofficially opened about 6 years ago, and over the years and the humidity and the Harmattan and the rainy season, it’s come to look kind of . . uh . . . dirty. We went around to some local paint suppliers/makers/companies asking for donations to paint the house, but no positive response. Then, in July, friends of mine visited from Holland, and they have a friend who works for Sikkens back in Holland (and I also know this Sikkens friend from previous visits to Holland). They measured the place and took the info back to their friend, who talked to her boss – and the paint got donated. Perfect timing – Hope for Life is having its 25th year anniversary this year. Now we have this “shiny” new house to make it look like we’re a "proper" organization – serious about celebrating 25 years and the work we do and the accomplishments we’ve had.

Another HUGE thanks goes out to Benedict and Pajeebo, our painters.

dusty Pajeebo

They sandpapered the entire house, bakery and wall, then painted the whole place. Neither are official painters, but there was a Dutch SMA lay missionary here in the
past who was a social worker, but was also an artist at heart. She often painted and re-painted wherever she was living or working. And she trained Benedict and Pajeebo very well. We (HFL) decided not to hire any professional painters, who often seem to scatter as much paint on the ground and anything nearby as they do on the walls, and pay some people we know, who care about the project, and who we know will do a good job. Benedict has been around, helping with the garden and small projects and other repairs while waiting, hopefully, for a sponsor for his education – he’s been a part of the family for over a year now, and he was put in charge and decided he only needed one other person – Pajeebo, also a Liberian, also “trained” by the same SMA lay person.

proud Benedict

hungry Pajeebo


At 2:21 AM, Blogger Rick said...

Wow, the house looks great! Congratulations to all involved.

At 2:57 AM, Blogger MJ said...

It's looking great Steve---you had some good painters. It was a very smart move to use people who really cared about the project and took pride in what they were doing--from the looks of their results maybe they should be the ones hiring out as professional painters and not the ones you mention on your blog here.

At 4:11 AM, Blogger Karen Solas said...

Great before and after shots! And great to be able to hire Benedict for this. He and Pajeebo did a fantastic job!


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