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Throughout the years on the camp I’ve seen Jackson, but have never really known or talked much to him. He sells pure water right outside the clinic on the camp – so we see each other, greet each other, I buy water from him, etc. And that’s it. In the past year, since I’ve been involved with some activities on the camp again, I’ve had a little more time to actually talk with Jackson about more than buying/selling of water. He has a slight disability, not much, just something with his foot/lower leg – and it’s never been anything we’ve talked about. It’s a non-issue altogether. Recently, while on the camp, he talked with me about his education and a need he had related to his housing during the time of his education. His church is providing him with a scholarship, but he needs to make other arrangements for his accommodation and food. I asked him to send me the details in an email, which I’ve copied below:

Hi Steve,I had a problem and decided to address it to you because I believed you can help solve it for me using your influence. I have been wishing to add values to my life after completing my senior high school education in 2002 but there is no support. By this I have always wished to obtain a quality tertiary education. Now that the opportunity has come for me to study General electrical at a technical school (Great Grace Technology Center, NVTI) in Accra through the assistance of my church, Grace Communion International but this scholarship only requires me to pay for my accommodation fees (rent a room), I do not have the hand. Please help me to pay for a room on a yearly basis in Circle or nearby area where the school is located. The duration of this study is for two years.For me to get a room in Circle or nearby area closer to the school is to be done in December 2010 so that in January 2011, I will start school. Sorry, I got the information of this opportunity (scholarship) last week Friday.The name of the man in charge of the scholarship in the church is Mr. Christopher Balidin and his contact number is 0243938523.Saturday this week, I will go to Accra to find out how much it costs to rent a room per year in and around Circle and later will email you the details.I count solely and strongly on you to have this great achievement in my life.Jackson-clinic

Further details came in a long text message the following week:

Hi Steve, I was interviewed on the 28th of Nov by the Head Pastor, Emmanuel Okai of my church “grace Communion Int’l”: the church agreed to pay for my school fees, examination fees and text books at Great Grace Technology Center (NVTI) in the course of GENERAL ELECTRICALS in Accra for two years. But I am asked to pay for a room and feed myself. I am able to feed myself but not able to rent a room in Accra now. I made inquiry about getting a room in and around Circle where the school is located in Accra and was told 360 Cedis per year at 30 Cedis per month. Please help to raise this amount 360 Cedis for me. Your financial contribution is of great impact in my life. I am asked to get accommodation in Dec this year so that in Jan next year, I will begin school. Please contact Mr. Balidin on 0243938523 for more information. He is in charge of the scholarship. Please reply me. Jackson-clinic.

So, I told him I’d do the usual and send the information out to friends and family via email and the blog. But last week was busy, and I’ve delayed in doing this. At this time, I don’t have any pictures of him to include, but if anyone is interested and able to help him, please let me know. As usual, donations can be sent to:

Attn: Theresa Hicks
256 North Manor Circle
Takoma Park, MD 20912

If you have questions about making donations, you can also call the SMA house: 1-201-270-2009.

The exchange rate is $1.00 = Gh¢ 1.40, so roughly $21.50 = Gh¢ 30.00 (if I did the math correctly this time), the monthly rent charge, and $257.00 = Gh¢ 360.00, the yearly cost of rent.

This is really a wonderful opportunity for Jackson. Education like this is a chance that many Liberians who are still in Ghana are hoping to acquire. It’s a good school, and will give him something to go back to Liberia with – knowledge and a skill to build upon.

Also, since I recently blogged about Elizabeth and her rental issue, I’ll give a quick update. She’s had enough donations come in to cover roughly a year of her rent. Even before that, though, she’d decided to stay with Harmony and the work she is doing. She’s come to care for the people there and would find it too hard to leave, she said. So, when she heard the good news that people who’d never met her were supporting her in this way, she was excited, relieved and thankful – to God and to those who are helping support her and the work she is doing.


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oops - the area code for the phone number I gave is actually 301, so the number is: 1.301.270.2009 - - steve


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