Saturday, January 12, 2008

the return

I’ve been very blessed. I have found a “job” that I feel passionate about, “work” that I look forward to doing, and a life I’m excited to be living. I know some will understand this and will share these feelings about their lives. And I know others who haven’t been as fortunate.

Of course there are days, and parts of other days, when it’s frustrating, when I’m unhappy, when I’m angry, when I’m sad, hurt, crying. And that’s part of what makes the rest of it so good – and I believe these feelings play a significant role in the passion I feel. (Isn’t passion, after all, about strong feelings? It can’t be one-dimensionally positive.)

SMA has been hugely generous with me. Time between our “assignments” is normally 3 months – however, I’ve been “between assignments” since the beginning of May. I’ve done some things for SMA during that time, and I’ve also had significant quality time with family and some friends. I feel a lot of my relationships with friends and family have grown stronger and evolved. (However, knowing my return to Ghana was so far in the future, I didn’t plan my time in the states very well. There were plenty of last minute calls to friends and family saying things like, “hey – I’m going to be in town tomorrow – mind if I stay with you for a few days/weeks?” And I kept thinking, “oh, there’s plenty of time to get around to everyone I want to see.” This thinking has ended up with there being a number of people I never got around to seeing. I need to plan better next time.) And I also feel a faith in humanity that has been not only restored, but strengthened – I’ve come across so many good people – friends, relatives and complete strangers along the way.

And now it’s time. I’m going back to Ghana on Sunday, 13 January. I’ll arrive early on the 14th. I’m excited. It’s time – I’m ready. I’ve organized in my mind (and in a power point) and processed a lot of the past three years (and still have more processing to do, but I’m in a good place with my heart and head). And I’m looking forward to joining a new project for me. It’s called Operation Hand in Hand, and it’s located in a different part of Ghana. I visited the project a few times – and I know it sounds corny, but I felt at home while there. And cornier still – I could feel the love as soon as I entered the grounds. Check out their website:

I plan to continue the blog over the next few years – I'll change the title of it, though, since I'll no longer be in Buduburam.

I hope everyone has a great new year, filled with good health, love and peace.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger wim said...

Dear Steve,
I wish you all the best with the continuation of you missionary work in Ghana. I Always enjoyed your presence. Please, great everybody from me in Babaso and NKoranza. Next time, make a stop over in the Nethrelands. You are most welcome

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Rick said...

Steve - hope your journey back to Ghana was uneventful and even enjoyable. Keep an eye out for new birds and let me know what you see! Love ya.

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Steve,
Have you finally arrived in Ghana? Where are you and how can we meet?


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