Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dixon Update

A few months ago I wrote about a young man on the camp, Dixon (if you go to this link, the part about Dixon begins about 1/2 way down, in the fourth paragraph - right where you see his picture), who needed surgery. I had promised to give some updates as things went along, and so far have only given one update.

He was scheduled to have his surgery on April 27. I was trying to raise the money needed to help him have this surgery - UN and others who are here to "help" were not able to do anything thanks to red tape and other reasons. We needed to come up with almost $900 for the surgery alone - this didn't inlcude other hospital and care costs. When it came time to actually finalize the schedule for his surgery I had only succeeded in raising about $250. But we went ahead and told the hospital to schedule him. A few days before he was to enter the hospital, I needed to return to the US for some family reasons, but we were still going ahead with the surgery schedule - not quite sure how it was going to be pulled off.

I've often found in the past that I'll spend the last bit of money, literally, available to take care of something that needs to be taken care of - medecine for someone, education or vocational training, etc. I've always just trusted that . . . well . . . we're doing the right thing with the money we've been given and when the time comes for something else . . . we'll see what to do. And it's always worked out. Another donation comes in at exactly the right time.

So, we went ahead with Dixon. On Easter Sunday (April 23 posting - scroll down to it if interested) I was sending out a blog about different things I was struggling with at the time - things that were threatening to overwhelm me and that were getting me down. I knew I was leaving in a few days, Dixon was to get his surgery, not sure how that was to work out, death and loss in general, etc. And I received an email from my aunt, who's a missionary with Maryknoll, in the Marshall Islands. Her community there takes up a collection every Lent which they donate to some charity. My aunt had requested it be sent for my work with Dixon. Among all the requests, they chose her and Dixon. From the people in the mission where she is working, we received $700 towards Dixon's surgery.

Sometimes it's frightening how God and faith work. I was at a low point; we were going ahead with Dixon's surgery and not knowing how that would come about; and there it is.

So, Dixon went to the hospital as scheduled, only to find out that the hospital staff were on strike. No surgery. He needed to call the following week to arrange another date for his surgery. He was rescheduled for 1 June. He went as rescheduled and was admitted. On 7 June, the day for his surgery, he undressed, put on the hospital gown - and was told the junior doctors were on strike. Time to reschedule - again. He was given 13 June to return.

I wanted to wait to make this update about him until the surgery was completed and I could give a more definitive update on his situation. But I'm sure people who have sent donations are curious about how he's doing. He's really a good guy - please join me in hoping and praying that good results come soon.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger p-mami said...

my heart and prayers are with him! thank you for all you're doing, and for taking the time to keep us updated. hope your journey back to ghana is safe.




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